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COCO LOCO is in Belnem close to local beaches, many dive sites, wind surfing, and kite boarding. We are a short drive into Kralendijk and close to the airport.

COCO LOCO is ideal for your vacation stay with our central location, reasonable prices, and comfortable spaces.

Bon Bini Bonaire!

We are Chih and Peter and COCO LOCO is our home.

We moved to Bonaire from San Francisco, California, with a simple plan:

Enjoy Life

We designed and built COCO LOCO with the intention of sharing it with our family, friends and all those in need of a little escape from their everyday life.


COCO LOCO is the perfect place


Our studio layout is ideally suited for social distancing, with your own patio, outside cooking/eating, and constant islands breezes

Your studio has been cleaned, disinfected and allowed to air out for 24 hours prior to your arrival

Clean, quiet, safe so you can relax


Bonaire is part of the ABC Islands, located in the Southern Caribbean.

The island is located at 12' North and 68' West, just 835 miles from the Equator. Bonaire is 20 miles long and between three and six miles wide.

The island is surrounded by protected reefs and is one of the few places in the world were you can dive directly from the shore.


Bonaire has an average temperature of 25-31c (80-92f) with the warmest months between July and September,


Bonaire is a year round destination


Some of the finest SCUBA diving can be found on Bonaire. Dive from shore or boat you decide.


Sorobon at Lac Bay provides a combination of waist deep warm water, near constant winds making Bonaire an unparalleled location for the novice and professional wind surfer.


Bonaire's southern coast is a Kite Boarder's paradise: constant winds, and warm Caribbean waters.


Washington Slagbaai National Park is paradise for hikers, divers, and anyone who appreciates the simple things in life. Slagbaai is a big part of Bonaire's commitment to nature and the preservation of the island's eco-system.